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Puglia, also known as Apulia, stands in South Italy. It is the heel of Italy's boot, between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. The land, rich in charm and culture is a wonderful holiday resort. Everyone arriving in Puglia finds something familiar so that he feels at home. In Puglia, you can taste delightful traditional dishes and admire picturesque cliffs falling sheer to the crystalline sea, suggestive sea grottoes, enchanting sandy bays covered by shady pinewoods, a beautiful rural lanscape surrounded by Trulli, olive groves, vineyards and whitewashed houses among alleys offering breathtaking views on the sea. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Puglia, but you don`t know Puglia region and you don`t speak Italian language or simply because you don`t have time to make the search, HelloPuglia will be more than happy to help you and to take some of the stress away! We make every effort to ensure your stay is a pleasant one. Our aim is to offer to you the best information service about Puglia.

(Bari Province - Puglia)

Polignano a Mare is an excellent resort for your holidays in Apulia, because it stands a few kilometres from Bari and Brindisi Airports and it is near other enchanting towns. Polignano a Mare dominates the sea from steep rocky cliffs cut across by a deep gorge. It stands at 33 km from Bari, the capital of Apulia. The coast, rich of inlets, natural grottoes and suggestive bays, extends for about 16 km while the territory reaches an elevation of 24 metres above sea level. The town counts about 18.000 inhabitants and its main activities are agriculture, fishing, trade and tourism; it is criss-crossed by a network of alleys winding among whitewashed houses and nice terraces offering breathtaking views on the Adriatic Sea.

Polignano a Mare, suspended on the horizon that divides the blue sky from the clear sea, is the pearl of Apulia. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the great Adriatic coast thanks to its particular reef along which open natural grottoes: Commisso, Saint Lorenzo, Cagione, Caselle, Valentini, Ladroni, Guardiano, Muretto, Rondinelle, Foca, Azzurra, Arcivescovo, Ardito, Monache and Colombi`s grotto. Of all these suggestive sea-caves, many of which were inhabited in prehistoric times, the most spectacular for its size (one of the largest in Apulia) and its blue-green shade that changes during the day is the Grotta Palazzese. Polignano a Mare owes its fame, above all, to its clear sea which has been received for 4 years (2008-2009-2010-2011) the blue flag by Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Under the main bridge of the town you can admire a sensational beach and a fascinating view of Polignano; descending along this view (Lama Monachile street) through an ancient path, you will find the "Cala Porto" cove and a little green oasis opening onto a white pebbly beach surrounded by steep rocks. It is an enchanting spot on the apulian coast, which has an incredible number of inlets and carsick grottoes accessible from the sea (by boats or amphibians) or land. The coastline of Polignano a Mare is full of pebbly and rocky beaches; towards north to the town you can go to the "Pentima Chiatta", "Grottone", "Cala Paura", "Porto Paradiso", "Ponte dei Lapilli", as far as the sandy beaches of "Porto Cavallo", "San Vito","San Giovanni"; these lovely sandy beaches occupy the former estuaries of rivers that used to run down to the sea through gorges. Towards south to Polignano a Mare there are the "Port`Alga" and "Cala Incina" beaches as long as you will find another bathing location called Capitolo which with its many well-equipped beaches, little coves, discos and clubs attracts so much people during the summer.


Every gourmet is going to taste, in the numerous restaurants and pizza-shops, the local gluttonies, naturally beginning from sea appetizer: raw auchones, curled octopus, little cuttle-fish and calamaries, black mussels and oysters, eaten with hot "provolone" (local cheese) and lemon juice. We advise as first courses: broad beans and vegetables, mix of vegetables called “minestrone”, rice potatoes and mussels, sea "risotto" (rise), chick peas and pasta, “orecchiette” (handmade pasta) with sauce. For what concern second courses you have only the embarrassment of choosing: lamb roasted above fire, “involtini” of lamb, bit chops with ragout, roasted calamaries and lobsters, fish soup, baked fish with local olives, fried fish, dories, “saraghi”, umbrinas roasted above fire as old sailors did once. You can choose among the different sweets, our “taralli” dipped in melted sugar, figs cake, “castagnelle” of minced almonds. Wash down the meal with our vigorous local wine. Finally, don`t forget to taste the local famous ice-cream, prepared every day in our typical coffe-house. Among many restaurants in Polignano a Mare we suggest you Domy Angel, Donna Gina, Il Sagittario, La bella 'mbriana, La locanda dell'Abbazia, Specchia Sant'Oronzo, Terra marique, Trattoria della Nonna, Tuccino, Villa Anthos, Villa degli Aranci.


Polignano a Mare in Apulia is a small fortified town with Greek origins (IV century B.C). A flourishing commercial centre since Roman times and a crossroads for goods and persons going to the East, the town was also very active in the Byzantine and Lombardic periods. The two Benedictine monasteries of Saint Vito and Saint Benedict were built thanks to Norman kings, masters of Polignano`s territory until the second half of the fifteenth century. Saint Vito`s Monastery stands on a rock near the sea. The ancient monastery is famous because Saint Vito`s relics (he was a martyr) are preserved in it. About 672, thanks the Florenza`s devotion, a princess from Salento in south Italy, the young Martyr`s body was given to a Byzantine`s community that lived in the grottoes under the Abbey. In 1809, an Italian law abolishes definitively any remaining presence of the friars in the Abbey and suppresses most of the Italian monasteries confiscating the immovables proprieties. Consequently, the family of the marquises "La Greca" conquered Saint Vito`s Abbey and is still nowadays the owner. For three days in June (14-15-16) there is the Patron Festival in honour of Saint Vito. It consists in a sea festival, Saint Vito`s characteristic open altar, fair, processions, illuminations, band concerts and fireworks.
If we go to the Old Town of Polignano a Mare we will see a gate, now called "Arco Marchesale", which until the 18th Century, was the only entrance to the town: a town that was well-protected by thick and a deep moat. Once crossed the "Arco Marchesale", we can find the feudal palace to the right; the owners of it are the descendants of the lords of Polignano. To the left, in Mulini street, we see the Palazzo Pino Pascali, cultural and artistic centre, and the baroque church of the "Purgatorio" built on the site of the ruins of the "Cappella di San Martino". In Vittorio Emanuele II square, the old clock-tower square, reigns the Matrice Church, which has been here since pagan times. The Church is built in Romanic-Apulian style and is dedicated to Saint Maria Assunta, and was a Cathedral for a long time. Today the Church still contains many of the works by Stefano da Putignano, a 19th Century Apulian sculptor. The most significant of these works is the crib, which is stored in the chapel built by the Buonospirito family in 1503. In 1996 the crib was depicted on a stamp produced by the State Mint and declared a national monument. Your walk through the Old Town will be enriched by art and history but also by the numerous legends that are connected to the little roads, like Vico Chiangella which in the local dialect means "tears"or "crying"; this is the road that the Turks used to attack the town, ravaging women and children. Your walk ends with a view of the sea, as the countless little roads all lead to the loggias and balconies overlooking the sea.


MARCH: traditional bonfires in honour of Saint Joseph.
JUNE: for three days (14-15-16) there is the Patron Festival in honour of Saint Vito. It consists in a sea festival, Saint Vito characteristic open altar, fair, processions, illuminations, band concerts and fireworks.
JULY-AUGUST: painting expositions; meetings; summer concerts; folkloristic festivals; fishing races; celebration of "SS. Medici Cosimo e Damiano" with illuminations and band concerts.
SEPTEMBER: Crucifix Plate (national cycle race for amateurs); Christ festival with sausages dinner party, clay fair, artistic illuminations, fireworks.
DECEMBER:building of cribs around the town.
Apartments for rent in Polignano a Mare - Puglia - Italy

Apartment for rent in
Polignano a Mare (Bari Province)
Marina apartment is enterily renovate and a very traditional Puglia property; it`s a perfect apartment in Puglia for relaxing holidays. The apartment, overlooking Polignano a mare centre, has an independent entrance and two floors: on the first floor there is a living room with large balconies, two bedrooms and a bathroom; on the second floor there is a kitchen, a large bathroon with bathtub and two enchanting terraces with sun beds, table, chairs, barbeque and plants. It is ideal for six guests.
The prices go from 350 euro to 900 Euro per week, it depends if we are in high or low season. Prices are inclusive of bed linen, towels, final cleaning, electricity, water and gas.
Apartments for rent in Polignano a Mare - Puglia - Italy

Apartment for rent in
Polignano a Mare (Bari Province)
Teresa apartment in Puglia has been enterily renovated, even though it has been kept the original architecture of apulian houses. It is ideal for five guests or six, if required. Teresa Holiday apartment is fully equipped and it comprises 6 rooms in total: two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, one boxroom. The apartment for rent is in a quiet area but you may hear occasional noise. It is ideal for friends group or families with small children. Parking is free on the street. The prices go from 300 euro to 900 euro per week, it depends if we are in high or low season. Prices are inclusive of bed linen, towels, final cleaning, electricity, water and gas.

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